Diesel Injector Removal

We provide injector removal for all makes and models of vehicles.We use the latest methods and equipment to ensure that the injector is removed without damage to the head or engine.

Broken Injector?

Injectors can often break in the head especially on Vauxhall engines and this then requires specialist drilling and precise equipment to extract the injector without damaging the cylinder head. We use the latest methods and equipment and are always investing in new equipment to ensure we are ahead of the competition.


Should I attempt removal myself?

Modern direct injection diesels have long injectors deep within the centre of the cylinder head and due to water ingress, exhaust blow from injector washers/seals the inejctor can be rusted/carbon seized to the head. This means that slide pullers and brute force don't work as they will strip the threads or break the injector deep within head making the procedure more complex. As a general rule if the usual methods fail call us and save yourself time.